Gianni Motti /// Gianni Motti assistant

Gianni Motti was born in Italy and lives in Geneva.
«Gianni Motti assistant» as an artwork: this is the story of a student of the school of art of Grenoble who receives a grant to work as an assistant for a recognized artist. He choses Motti, who's not used to  have a close assistant, and who usually doesn't produce anything concrete in terms of objet d'art. Motti choses to send him all around the world, with only the obligation of wearing a t-shirt with the brand «Gianni Motti assistant» on it. Since then, Gianni Motti's assistants have multiplied all over the world, in the West as well as in the East: among the demonstrators in Paris, Davos, Genova or Seattle, in the columns of different newspapers, on a street of Teheran, on a pacific island… Now, «Gianni Motti assistant» roam around Second Life, under the label «Fiteiro Cultural SL».

FITEIRO CULTURAL © Fabiana de Barros. All art works reproduced with courtesy of the artists.
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